Lazy Ass Ways Guys Ask Us Out That Are Not OK

Lazy Ass Ways Guys Ask Us Out That Are Not OK ©iStock/demaerre

It’s not like you’re asking too much from a guy. You just want him to strike up a conversation, get to know you a little, and actually put some effort into asking you out — is that really so much to ask? Setting up a date doesn’t need to come with grand gestures, but some of the lazy BS guys pull is just ridiculous.

  1. Asking us if we’re free… two hours before he wants to see us. How hard is it to give us a fair amount of notice so we can actually make proper plans to see him rather than feeling like we’ve gotta drop all our other crap just to get some face time in? Look, we get it — sometimes he’s busy and gets a few free hours last minute so he hits us up. The problem is that we’re better than last minute. We deserve some real effort.
  2. That post-midnight “U up?” text. Douchebag alert! Unless he’s our long-term boyfriend or we’ve been out several times and he knows we’re cool with this, hitting us up after midnight to “hang out” is not only creepy, but it’s complete BS. He obviously just wants to get laid while trying to wrap it up in the excuse that he misses us/needs to see us right then and there. Yeah, right.
  3. Netflix and chill. Wow — his stained sweatpants and $8 Netflix subscription is super impressive… no. If we felt like eating pizza in our pajamas and binge watching House, we’d stay at our own houses and do it on our own. When we’re looking to spend time with a guy to get to know him better, we need to be doing something that’s actually engaging, so he needs to be a little more creative. Trying to watch a bad horror movie while he tries to sneak his hands in our pants isn’t making him any more attractive.
  4. Keeping the definition of “meeting up” completely vague. It’s particularly annoying when a guy asks us to do something and we literally have no idea if we’re going on a date or not because of the vague ass way he suggested getting together. It shouldn’t be this difficult. If you want to take us out on a romantic date, make that clear. If you think we’d be better off as friends, say that, then.
  5. Saying “hang out.” Stop making “hang out” happen. It’s not going to happen.
  6. In a comment feed. No. Just, no. Throwing your hat in a 15-comment long thread between us and our BFFs that has nothing to do with dating by asking if we’re free on Saturday is not the way to go.
  7. The “means to an end” approach. If a guy is looking for a long-term relationship — or at least something that will last longer than a night — then he’s going to need to put some effort into it. Half-assing the “date” hoping that doing the bare minimum will be enough to get into bed is not only lazy, it’s arrogant and disrespectful as hell, and we deserve more than that crap.