Life-Sized Sex Doll Mistaken For ‘Deceased Female’ On Georgia Hiking Trail

There’s nothing more horrifying than the thought of discovering a dead body while out for a walk, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened to some unwitting pedestrians in Georgia last Friday when the Jones County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a “deceased female” found face down on a hiking trail in a forest just south of Atlanta.

  1. Thankfully, it was a false alarm. Officers rushed to the scene where the so-called body was discovered, only to discover that the “corpse” was only a life-sized doll that someone had carelessly discarded there. Whew!
  2. The Jones County Sheriff’s Office shared the story in a now-viral Facebook post. They included pictures of the “victim,” who they’ve since named “Selena.” You have to laugh! “Our investigators responded to what was believed to be a body located on a trail in Hitchiti National Forest,” the post said. “Initial responding deputies observed what appeared to be the body of a deceased female wearing white socks.”
  3. Selena was in pretty bad condition when they found her. Her floral blue hotpants and pink tank top were absolutely coated in mud, as was her entire body. At first glance, she definitely seemed like a real woman. “Our crack team of investigators, along with Deputy Matthew Dennis, quickly recognized the body to actually be a life-sized doll, complete with accessories,” officers wrote on Facebook. “Never missing the opportunity, the crime scene was appropriately processed and the evidence was collected and brought to the Sheriff’s Office.”
  4. Police posed Selena in the back of a truck after she was recovered. They revealed that while she was “a little under the weather,” she has been “having a nice day and is expected to make a full recovery.” All’s well that ends well, it seems. I would imagine getting calls like this is a rare relief!
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