It’s Not Easy Being An Alpha Female

Alpha males have always been heralded as the strong, ambitious type who takes charge and doesn’t give a damn who he pisses off along the way, so long as he’s being true to his alpha persona. But what if you’re an alpha female? It’s no cake walk, especially where dating is concerned. But outside of our romantic encounters, we still have plenty of day-to-day challenges as women who want to take the bull by the horns and own every day.

We’re often seen as bitches.

 Just because we have strong opinions and make our voices heard loud and clear, people assume that we’re bitches. We’re really not — we just don’t see the point in not being who we are. We say things with confidence and we carry ourselves the same way because we’re sure of ourselves until proven otherwise. We don’t mind if you disagree, so long as your argument is intelligent and valid (and doesn’t just exist to prove us wrong).

People assume that we don’t have a softer side.

Alpha females are often seen as women who don’t have a soft bone in their bodies. I can assure you that’s entirely inaccurate. We can be as soft as we are dominant. We have tender moments and we care for people and put them before ourselves often. When an alpha female cares about a friendship, family member, or a partner in life, you can be damn sure it’s conveyed with the same strength she asserts in every other aspect of her life. You’ll feel genuinely loved if you’re lucky enough to have her in your world.

Misogynists seriously hate us.

Unfortunately, misogyny is very much alive and well and although feminism is an increasingly strong force in the world, the idiots still exist. Yes, I’ll call them idiots. We encounter men who don’t feel it’s right for women to be in positions of leadership, to become public figures or to earn bigger paychecks, but they need to get over it.

We struggle to keep our competitive nature at bay.

We’re just like the high school jock — we like to win. We’re competitive in every aspect of life, sometimes with ourselves more than with others. We often have to remind ourselves that not everything is a competition and we don’t always need to win. We try, but the struggle is real.

We’re constantly on the go.

Our schedules are jam packed on a daily basism and frankly, it’s exhausting. Being an alpha female comes with careful and strategic commitment to our goals, and even though we crush them hard, we’d just like to take several hundred naps along the way.

People are easily offended even when we’re not trying to be offensive.

Because our words and actions can be intense, people get offended very easily. Our words are misconstrued because of how we relay them. We’re not rude — we’re literally just saying how we feel. We’re open to your thoughts and opinions in the same way we’ve accepted our own.

Softer women are intimidated by us.

 Our fellow females often misjudge us and be intimidated by our sharper tongues and uncanny ability to give fewer sh*ts. We don’t expect everyone to be like us or look down on more Type B personalities. In fact, the alpha female’s social circle is filled with them, because at the end of the day, whether a woman is more the alpha or beta type; the alpha female doesn’t care. She loves her fellow females equally, and she wishes society would do the same.

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