This Light-Up Buffet Cooler Will Brighten Up Your Summer Parties

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your summer parties. After all, it’s safer to be outside with your friends where there’s plenty of ventilation, plus we’ve all been cooped up for way too long and there’s nothing better than getting some sun on your skin and some fresh air in your lungs. When you have your get-together, make sure you get this light-up inflatable buffet cooler* to store your snacks and drinks!

  1. This will definitely make sure your party is lit. Literally! PoolCandy’s LiveLights Technology makes sure these multi-colored LED lights operate in three different modes: still, flash, and strobe. You can choose whatever you want depending on your mood and the occasion! You can use it during the day or at night, but obviously it’ll look way cooler at night.
  2. You can pop your snacks and drinks in there. Just blow it up to inflate it, throw in a bunch of ice, and pop in your favorite snacks and drinks. That could be cans of beer and hard seltzer, some Diet Coke, a crudite platter or some fruit salad. You name it, you can store it in here and keep it cool.
  3. You can even throw it in the pool. Because it’s an inflatable, you could throw this light-up buffet cooler into the pool and let it sorta float around while you do. This way, you don’t have to get out of the pool to grab a drink or snack. In other words, this is the lazy person’s dream. The reviews for this are overwhelmingly positive, so it’s well worth the purchase!
  4. If you want one, you can grab it from Amazon. The PoolCandy Inflatable Illuminated LED Buffet Cooler is available on Amazon for $29.99 and something tells me they’ll probably start selling out soon. Grab yours while you can!

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