Little Things You Can Do To Turn Him On

Despite what you might think, you can’t just tell your guy that you want to get freaky and expect him to stand at the ready just because you are. Here are some great ways to get him in the mood when you’re ready to go at it.

Dress for the occasion.

No, I’m not talking about sexy, expensive lingerie. Frankly, most men don’t care about what material you’re wearing, how expensive it was, or how much lace there is. They care about one thing: how you look in it. You can look sexy without spending half of your paycheck at Victoria’s Secret. Think simple and think about what your guy likes. Does he marvel at your legs? Put on one of his t-shirts (and nothing else) and walk around the house. Is he more of a boob guy? Ditch your bra and walk around topless. Besides, that’s much more comfortable anyway, am I right?

Bare it all. 

No clothing needed—walk around the house naked! It’s simple and to the point. Do everyday things like drinking your cup of coffee or reading a book. As I said, guys don’t need a lot of frills to get in the mood. Show him what you’ve got and rock some confidence! Those two very important things will make him want to pounce.

Speak his love language. 

Getting your partner in the mood for sex doesn’t have to be sexual. If your man loves physical touch, bump up your touch with him to let him know what you want. Stroke his arm or offer to give him a massage. If he wants quality time, offer to go on that hike with him that he keeps hinting about. Does he need words of affirmation? Start talking! Tell him the things you appreciate about him and thank him for things he’s done for you lately. Whatever love language he speaks, give that to him. Show him you’re tending to his needs and he will certainly tend to yours.

Share a sexual fantasy with each other. 

Words are powerful, y’all. Use them! Lay down together in bed or sit with each other on the couch and share a sexual fantasy that turns you on. Offer to go first and go into great detail with him to enliven his senses. Chances are, you might not make it to sharing his fantasy—you both might be steamed up and ready to go!

Work out together. 

Go to the gym together or take a walk or run outside. Get those endorphins going and break a sweat. Let’s face it, sweaty bodies can be such a turn on! Plus, you’re giving off pheromones that will drive your partner wild. Ask him to help you stretch out your body afterward to really get him going. Or, try asking him to join you in the shower to clean off, when you really just want to get a little dirty.

Watch a dirty movie together. 

Porn isn’t just for men—women can find enjoyment from it too! Find a video you’ll both like and watch it together. Talk about doing those things to one another or try mimicking the stars in action. Of course, you don’t have to watch a porn movie to get going. If there’s a movie you love that has a steamy sex scene in it, ask your guy to watch it with you. When it comes on, let him know how much that scene turns you on and tell him why.

Take a trip down memory lane. 

Did you have a steamy night of passion while on vacation in Hawaii? Or did your last anniversary dinner end in making the most amazing love yet? Talk about it! Reminisce on a particular occasion when you and your partner had incredible sex. All that talking could lead to you and him wanting to one-up yourselves. There’s nothing like a little competition!

Nothing wrong with a little PDA. 

Make a simple trip to the grocery store or Target extra fun. Give his butt a little tap between the aisles. Reach down to pick things up on the shelves a little sexier than you usually would. Kiss him now and then. Running errands doesn’t have to be mundane, make it fun!

Pay attention. 

When it comes down to it, your partner will let you know indirectly what turns him on. Think about what he does to you when he wants you to know he’s in the mood. We tend to make choices on how we approach things based on what we like. So take a note from him! Think about the ways he’s initiated sex and the next time you’re in the mood, try that same technique.

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