Man Who Won $50 Million Lottery Woke Up At 4:30 AM To Go Back To Work The Next Week

Man Who Won $50 Million Lottery Woke Up At 4:30 AM To Go Back To Work The Next Week Loto-Québec | iStock

When most of us fantasize about winning the lottery, the first thing we imagine doing is calling up our boss and telling them, “I QUIT!” While that might not be possible when you only win $1 million, a Canadian man named Pierre Richer (great name!) picked up a $50 million Lotto Max jackpot — definitely enough to immediately retire comfortably! — and still decided to go back to work the following week.

Pierre didn’t want to leave his colleagues in the lurch.

Instead of booking a luxury vacation or going out to buy himself a sports car, Pierre Richer got up at 4:30 a.m. as usual the following week to head into work as a driver and head of shipping at his catering company.

“I can’t leave them alone in the dark. Without me there, the shipping department is not feasible,” he told Loto-Québec of his decision to still turn up for work.

He doesn’t even make much money at his job!

Pierre Richer is in his 60s and not that far off from official retirement age. He also isn’t all that well-paid for his work, which is why it’s even more notable that he decided to keep turning up despite now being a millionaire.

He did admit that he’s considering retiring early, but he’s giving himself some time to consider all options before he makes a final decision.

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Pierre Richer bought his ticket on a whim.

He isn’t necessarily a regular lottery player but he decided to pick up a ticket while shopping for Thanksgiving food with his daughter.

The pair were at Super C grocery store to grab some pie crust, which was on sale there. “With the pie crust being on sale at the Super C, my daughter went in to get it and I got the ticket,” he said.

He grabbed two tickets, which cost around $10, and was absolutely shocked the following day when his wife and daughter checked the numbers and discovered the win.

Pierre’s response came as a surprise to them, however, as he remained oddly calm and collected.

“I was a little happy,” he said. “But, you know, I just left the room and that was it.” He added that “nothing changed” in his life after the win.

Maybe he was just in shock!

Pierre Richer has very modest plans for his windfall.

He told CTV News that he plans to “buy a new house and a new car and that’s basically it.”

His biggest dream that money is now not a problem? He just wants to “mow the lawn” at his new house.

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