If You Love Grilled Cheese, You Need This Grilled Cheese Toaster

Let’s face it: everyone loves grilled cheese. It’s gooey and salty and delicious… but it can also take way too long to make (especially if you’re doing it right). Thankfully, the Nostalgia grilled cheese toaster exists to give you a delicious sandwich in less than half the time without compromising on taste.

  1. You can make two sandwiches at once! What’s better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Two grilled cheese sandwiches—and this little toaster lets you make them at once! That means you can make one for yourself and a friend/partner or you can keep both for yourself. (Let’s be honest, you’ll probably keep both for yourself.)
  2. You can select your level of doneness with the adjustable dial. I like my grilled cheese toasted but not SUPER toasted so that there’s still a bit of softness to the bread. My S.O. likes it crispier/browner than I do. That’s not an issue with the Nostalgia toaster because the adjustable dial lets you make it just how you like it.
  3. The toasting basket and bottom tray are removable and cleanable. I know what you’re thinking: making grilled cheese in a toaster sounds like it could get pretty messy. You’re right! But thankfully, both the toasting baskets which hold your sandwiches and the drip tray at the bottom are completely removable and easily cleanable. Always a plus.
  4. You can spruce up your sandwich any way you’d like. The toaster comes with a few recipe suggestions for taking your grilled cheese to the next level. Some suggestions include adding brie, sauteed mushrooms, or even pesto and mozzarella if that’s your thing. The sky is literally the limit.
  5. It’ll take a little trial and error. The manufacturer suggests using thin sliced bread if you want your sandwich to actually fit in the baskets, so you may have to change your fav bread if you’re going to use this toaster. You also might have to toast it twice to get to your desired level of doneness until you get the hang of how the machine works. Still, for the price and the performance, the Nostalgia grilled cheese toaster can’t be beat.

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