What Love Is Like When You Have High Standards For Yourself

If you’re a woman who demands perfection in every area of her life, dating can be an absolute nightmare. You sometimes wonder if you’ll ever be satisfied (and honestly, you kind of doubt it), and as a result, your relationships are often very different from the ones most people have.  Here are some of the ways setting the bar high for yourself  changes the way you love:

No guy will ever be enough.

As a lady who only wants the best in life, you grow tired of your boyfriends faster than other girls usually do. It’s not that you’re tired of him, per se — you’ve just realized that he’s not who you thought he was. You have this perfect image of the perfect guy, and if he doesn’t match up, you end up getting sorely disappointed over it.

Your partner gets intimidated by your life goals.

You’re a girl who hustles HARD, and sometimes your partner just doesn’t get it. One minute you’re pumping iron, and the next you’re perfecting Jamie Oliver’s recipe for chocolate soufflé. This is exactly why you’re so wary of being in a relationship in the first place: you can’t be with someone who feels lesser-than just because you’re owning life.

You always put yourself first.

In most circumstances, you get the biggest piece. You think you deserve a lot (otherwise you wouldn’t have such high standards for yourself), so you always make sure you’re OK before you take care of your partner. It’s how you’ve always been, and some of your past partners couldn’t understand or handle that.

You freak out the second things get a little rough.

You did NOT sign up for a crappy relationship, so once things start to get a little rocky, you do everything you can to stop it. Relationships are inevitably full of ups and down, but you don’t handle the downs well. The second your partner brings up something negative or you have a little quarrel, you question everything and do what you can to block them out. Unfortunately, sometimes that means ending it altogether.

You’d rather be alone than in a mediocre relationship.

You can’t stand the thought of being stuck with a “meh” partner so you stay single way more often than not. Settling for second-best is just not something you do in love or in life. It’s hard to find a guy who meets your standards, so you end up just choosing to be alone until you find that perfect slice of perfection pie.

You rarely go on second dates.

You’re the queen of first dates, mostly because you’re THAT hard to impress. Your friends give you hell for being too picky, but you’re really not — you just have high standards and aren’t willing to settle for a guy who’s just maybe, kinda okay.

You’re afraid that your relationship is keeping you from reaching your full potential.

You have big dreams for yourself and are NOT willing to risk them for a relationship that’s not guaranteed to bring you happiness. Even when you’re in the midst of love with the perfect guy, there’s a part of you that worries whether you might be wasting time with the wrong person when you could be dating someone better.

You tend to be the one who does the dumping.

It’s easy for you to become unhappy in a relationship, and it usually doesn’t take long until you say something about it. You know that perfection is the only thing that will make you happy, so what’s the point of staying with someone who makes you feel anything but?

You have a hard time brushing things off.

If your partner shows up late or does something you didn’t like, it takes a while to get your chill back. It might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it’s all these little annoyances that eventually add up to an unhappy relationship, and you’re not willing to let them slide.

You easily see the negative traits in your partner.

You wish your brain didn’t work this way, but after a few weeks of dating, all of your partner’s worst traits start coming to the surface, and it’s ALL you can see. You tell yourself to just stick it out, but why should you put up with someone who isn’t exactly what you want?

You worry every day that you won’t end up with the perfect guy.

 You look around and see all of the happy couples and are hit with a combination of fear and worry that you’ll never have it. You know that you’re meant for greatness, but what if it never comes? You try to keep an optimistic view on your love life, but after being let down time after time, your knight in shining armor is starting to feel more and more like a fantasy with each day that goes by.

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