Woman Who Was Clinically Dead For 15 Minutes Describes 5 Years She Spent In Heaven

A woman who was clinically dead for nearly 15 minutes has described her experience of spending five years in heaven. Dr. Lynda Cramer had a brush with death on May 6, 2001, and later discovered that she nearly didn’t come back. However, during the time she was being revived by paramedics, she claims she spent much longer in heaven.

Time works differently in heaven. As Lynda Craven describes, “time did not exist” when she was there. Instead, she would estimate how long she’d been there based on the places she traveled in the new realm. Since she could walk between three and six miles on earth, she used this marker to find out how long she was in heaven.

Cramer could take any form she wanted. She wasn’t bound by her corporeal body in heaven. She could even become other people if she wanted to, she said.

Heaven was astoundingly beautiful. One of the most memorable parts of her time in the afterlife was what she saw with her own eyes. “That’s when I found myself standing in what I termed the field of flowers. I was observing the mountain range 30,000 times huger than Mount Everest,” she described to NDE Diary. “There’s a huge mountain range over in the back of wherever I was. I could see buildings with skyscrapers. Dubai is like little miniature huts in comparison. I saw lakes, I could see everything in a panoramic view.”

Lynda Cramer could go anywhere she wanted to go. She went on to describe that if she wanted to go somewhere in heaven, all she had to do was think about it and she was instantly there. It was really that simple.

She did eventually come back to this world, but with more than just memories. In fact, Cramer now believes she has psychic abilities. She’s even written several books on her experience, which many find fascinating. Hey, at least she didn’t go to hell!

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