Twitch Streamer Falls And Breaks Teeth During Poolside Livestream

Twitch Streamer Falls And Breaks Teeth During Poolside Livestream Twitter/@MadiHunn | Ac7ionMan/Kick

Popular Twitch streamer Madi Hunni suffered a serious injury during a poolside live stream when she fell over and broke several teeth. She was participating in a Kick stream with @Ac7ionMann with a camera next to the pool, but things went extremely wrong when she accidentally slipped and hit her mouth and knee on the concrete. Ouch!

In the clip, Madi Hunni tries to walk to the other side of the pool but falls over and smashes two of her teeth and seriously hurting her knee. Her friends immediately run over to check to make sure she’s okay, and shockingly, she appears to be!

A few seconds later, Made gets up and walks over to the camera, saying, “Can someone drop some subs for my f***ing bust a** tooth?” She then opens her mouth and shows the camera the damage, and it’s clear she’s done some serious damage.

Not long after, Madi shared the clip on her Twitter account, leading fans who missed the initial stream to flock to her comments to see how she was doing.

“I’m actually crying for you WHAT,” one person wrote. Another person applauded her for taking it in her stride, writing, “You were such a good sport about it too and that says so much about you fr.”

Madi Hunni soon told her Twitch fans that she’s doing okay but that she caused some seriously expensive damage during her fall. “I’ve got 2 busted teeth and a bloody knee but I’m fine thankfully,” she wrote. In another thread, she responded that she was “fine” but that “Now I gotta pay hella for new teeth lmaooo thank god my permanent retainer saved a majority of it.”

It’s good news that she wasn’t hurt even more seriously. However, hopefully she learns to follow safety instructions in the future and not run around a pool!

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