Madonna Appears To Come Out As Gay In New TikTok Video

Madonna is the eternal queen of pop. Anything that’s being done in music is likely inspired by or possible because of her trailblazing. That’s why it’s hard for anything she does to shock us. However, fans certainly weren’t expecting Madonna to seemingly come out as gay on TikTok.


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  1. The singer was joining in on a recent TikTok trend. In the clip, Madonna tries to throw a pair of hot pink underwear into a garbage can. “If I miss, I’m Gay” appears across the screen as she tosses the underwear and failed to get them into the bin. She then throws her arms up in resignation and turns away from the camera. So, I guess that means Madonna is gay?
  2. She didn’t shed any further light on the topic. The video wasn’t captioned and Madonna hasn’t commented further. However, the video itself sent fans wild in the comments. “Did I just witness Madonna coming out? Good for her,” one person writes. Another simply put, “Welcome 🌈.”
  3. Madonna has been spotted cozying up to a younger woman lately. During New York Fashion Week, the singer was seen kissing Dominican rapper Tokischa at New York Fashion Week, ET Online reports. The pair also celebrated Pride together last summer. In addition, Tokischa, 26, appeared in Madonna’s music video for the “Hung Up” remix. In the clip, the couple looks pretty into each other, that’s for sure.
  4. Madonna and Tokischa have not commented on their relationship. It’s unclear if they’re actually together officially or if they’re just having fun, as neither woman has commented. However, we do know that Madonna recently broke things off with Ahlamalik Williams, who she dated for three years.
  5. So, is Madonna gay or what? If you take her TikTok video literally, that’s very likely. However, Madonna loves keeping fans guessing about what’s really going on behind closed doors, so it’s impossible to say. Either way, her continued embracing of her sexuality is refreshing. Not only is it great for women’s empowerment, but it also shuts down ageism too. At 64, Madonna is as sexy as ever!


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