Madonna Dubbed ‘Hottest Woman Alive’ After Latest Instagram Post

Madonna may be 64 years old, but she’s not about to let ageist haters get her down. She’s still doing her thing in the music business and especially on social media. From drinking out of dog bowls to seemingly coming out as gay on TikTok, she’s showing that age really is just a number. And after her latest Instagram selfie, fans are calling Madonna the hottest woman ever.

Lots of people have said that Madonna should retire now that she’s getting older. Others have criticized her for appearing to get plastic surgery to preserve an appearance of youth. However, for as many haters as she has, the legendary singer has even more fans who adore her and everything she does.

After posting a new selfie to her Instagram account in which she wears high-heeled boots, layered silver necklaces, and a lace crop top, Madonna lovers are losing their minds and insisting she’s the “hottest woman ever” without a doubt. After all, no one does it like her.

“Can I just say that you look fabulous? Love, love, love you,” one fan gushed. Another simply wrote, “The hottest woman.” A third remarked, “My lovely, sweet, beautiful Queen,” with a fourth telling her, “You are the queen and a gorgeous one at that.”

Madonna posted the image with the caption, “What songs should I play on the Celebration Tour?” Fans immediately chimed in with their picks for what they’d like to hear when they see Madonna live. Many begged for classics like “Express Yourself” and “Vogue” with others naming “Lucky Star” and “Holiday” as their favorites. Another person spoke for pretty much every Madonna fan when they wrote, “The whole catalogue.” Amen to that!

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