Man Carrying His Own Severed Arm Down The Street Saved By Construction Workers

A Maine man who was seen carrying his own severed arm down the street was saved by construction workers sanding sidewalks. The workers who noticed the man just so happened to be trained in the use of tourniquets and were able to save the man’s life, The Guardian reports.

  1. The injured man was extremely lucky the public workers were around. As Mary Ann Brenchick, director of Lewiston Public Works, said following the incident: “It had to be divine intervention because two of my best guys just happened to be there sanding sidewalks. It couldn’t have been better guys for this kind of situation.”
  2. The man had cut his arm off near the shoulder. The Sun Journal reports that the accident happened in the workplace, though it’s unclear why he’d gone wandering after it happened. However, the Public Works crew members managed to tie a tourniquet until an ambulance arrived, Lewiston Police Lt. Derek St. Laurent said. “That probably saved his life.”
  3. Police followed a trail of blood back to the man’s place of work. At the business, several people revealed that the man, who was said to be pretty young, had been operating a band saw at the time of the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was made aware of the accident.
  4. Thankfully, the man is expected to make a full recovery. He was taken to a local hospital and will survive his injuries, though it’s unclear whether or not his arm was able to be reattached during surgery.
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