Man In Creepy Clown Costume Spotted Lurking In Bushes In The Dark, Freaking Out Residents

A man in a creepy clown costume was spotted lurking around bushes in the dark just days before Halloween in Merseyside in the UK. The man was seen walking the streets at night, crouching behind shrubs outside of homes as he donned the oversized mask. It was enough to give the people of Speke nightmares, the Liverpool Echo reports.

  1. The costume alone was scary enough. It was made up of a monochrome clown suit with a white neck ruff. The mask itself was gigantic, featuring a massively oversized and really freaky smile along with purple hair and a bright red nose. This isn’t the clown of children’s birthday parties, that’s for sure!
  2. A local resident spotted the man and snapped a few photos of him. “It’s that time of the year again,” the unnamed witness told the paper. “I’ve been out and about in Speke and I saw the clown out and about around Ganworth Road area.” He added that he thought the man had a “brilliant costume” out.
  3. Chances are, it’s just a bit of Halloween fun. Remember that weird scary clown craze that went around a few years ago? Maybe the guy is just trying to bring it back and distract people after the terrible year we’ve all had. It will certainly scare many people out of their wits! For others, it’ll simply provide a few laughs and a bit of entertainment.
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