Man Who ‘Hasn’t Stopped Farting Since Eating Ham Roll In 2017’ Is Suing For $250,000

A British man who claims he’s been dealing with uncontrollable flatulence since eating a ham roll from a Christmas market in 2017 is suing for nearly $250,000. Tyrone Prades, 46, says he’s never been the same since and his wind is so bad, it often wakes him up in the night now.

Prades is suing the company that operated the stall. They sold him the ham roll, so Prades believes they’re liable for the physical damage he’s experienced since. He believes that damage is worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

He says he got sick within hours after eating the sandwich. After buying the roll at the Christmas market in Birmingham, he felt ill within a few hours. He said it got progressively worse after a few hours, leaving Prades with a high-grade fever and severe diarrhea.

Prades was apparently in bed for five weeks afterward. This wasn’t your normal case of food poisoning. In fact, his lawyer, Robert Parkin, claims he was laid up for more than a month after contracting salmonella from the stall. He goes on to say that others were also affected, though it’s unclear whether or not there are other suits.

The man claims his ongoing gas is a serious problem. Parkin said on Prades’ behalf: “The claimant continues to suffer from excessive flatulence, which causes him a great deal of embarrassment. The symptoms are, primarily, fatigue and altered bowel function associated with ‘churning’ within his abdomen and flatulence. The claimant’s stomach continues to make frequent churning noises to the extent his sleep can become disrupted. The extent of the symptoms has been life-changing.”

There was allegedly a Public Health England investigation that led to the stall being closed. Parkin said that “a total of 16 people in three groups complained of similar symptoms after eating at the stall.” The company is said to be disputing the size of the claim. The case is due to go to court at a later date.

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