The Pet Butler Turns Your Dog Or Cat Into Your Own Personal Helper

When you get home after a long day at the office, sometimes all you want is a snack or a drink (or both) while you chill out on the couch. The problem is, you just sat down and you’re too lazy to go to the kitchen to grab anything from the fridge. That’s where the Pet Butler* comes in – this “serving vest for animals,” as the box describes it, allows your dog or cat to carry anything you’d like via a tray on its back. If only it was a real product!

  1. Yes, this is a joke. While animals, particularly dogs, can be of service to humans, it would likely be a bit cruel to strap a serving vest to its body and make it carry your stuff around the house. In reality, this is just a prank box that you can use to conceal a totally different gift. However, you get to see the hilarious reaction of the recipient when they see this product and no doubt think, “WTF?”
  2. However, let’s just pretend it’s real. The images on the box are absolutely hilarious. On the back, a terrier carries an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne using his Pet Butler vest, complete with champagne glasses hanging off the side. A cantankerous grey cat has a loaded ashtray full of still-smoking cigarettes. Another dog is serving up your crudite. I mean, hilarious!!
  3. This is guaranteed to get a laugh. While your recipient might be upset when they realize that the Pet Butler isn’t actually a real product and that instead, you got them, I don’t know, a sweater or something, they’ll also probably be creased up with laughter at how ludicrous this is. That alone is worth the purchase!
  4. If you’d like to get a Pet Butler (box) of your own, head over to Amazon. The boxes are available for $6.99 and they’re worth every penny.

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