Man Who’s Going Bald Gets Bangs Tattooed On His Forehead

A man who was going bald was desperate to preserve his hairline, so he decided to seek the help of a tattoo artist to get some bangs inked on his forehead. Gianluca, 26, was left with a curtain of black bangs across his head, as seen in a TikTok video that immediately went viral. However, Gianluca appeared to have been left in tears over his new body art, and likely not out of happiness.

Tattooed bangs? That’s a new one.

In the clip, which now has nearly 29 million views, the man gets the tattoo artist to stencil the bangs on his head before she gets out the tattoo gun and gets to work. He seems happy enough throughout the process… until she shows him the results in the mirror. Then, it seems the reality of the situation sinks in.


Il mio cliente ha sempre sognato la frangetta ed io ho esaudito il suo desiderio 💖

♬ Furore – Paola & Chiara

It wasn’t long before commenters started pouring in for the video, with many people expressing shock that anyone would actually do this. “I don’t think he’s crying because he’s happy,” one person wrote. Another remarked, “Doesn’t seem like something he will regret at all.” A third joked, “Him going home to google laser tattoo removal prices.”

Don’t freak out!

However, the good news is that the whole thing appeared to be an elaborate prank. Three days after posting the initial video, Maria Gina Altobelli, 30, the tattoo artist who inked the bangs and the owner of The Gypsy Tattoo & Piercing in the Italian city of Fondi, posted a follow-up video. “Given the large number of views, I want to show you how the bangs healed,” she said.

Gianluca then came into the shot to show off a full head of hair, clearly a wig, taped onto his head where the bangs “tattoo” was a few days prior. The man himself then says, “Wow, healed so well that it seems real.”

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This is a pretty intense joke.

One can only hope this was a very elaborate joke! Tattoos are sexy, but not this one.


Ecco il risultato dale tattoo guarito, here the results of this tattoo healed #greenscreen

♬ Alba – Ultimo

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