Man Admits To Killing Both Of His Parents ‘Because They Asked Him To Walk The Dog’

An Italian man reportedly murdered both of his parents in cold blood after they asked him to get out of bed to walk the dog. Benno Neumair, a 30-year-old bodybuilder, turned himself in to police in Bolzano in January and admitted to the murder of his mother Laura Perselli, 63, and father, Peter Neumair, 68, according to local news agency Ansa. While it’s unclear exactly what happened, it’s said that Benno and Peter got into a fight in which Peter accused his son of “being a failure” and things escalated to deadly levels from there.

  1. The father and son had a tumultuous relationship. According to the Daily Star, Benno fell asleep after playing on his computer, at which point his father woke him up and began arguing with him about pulling his weight when it comes to household chores like walking the dog. It’s at this point that Benno reportedly strangled his father to death to “shut him up.”
  2. After strangling his father, he did the same to his mother. Benno’s mother wasn’t home at the time his father was killed, but when she returned to the house, Benno is said to have strangled her with the same rope he used to kill his father. “I did it without even saying goodbye,” he’s said to have told authorities.
  3. After killing his parents, Benno threw their bodies into the Adige River. His mother’s body was recovered but his father’s still has yet to be found. Perselli’s body is said to have shown signs of strangulation, giving credence to Benno’s version of events.
  4. Benno is now facing charges of murder and body concealment. Authorities want to order a psychiatric evaluation on Benno to see if his state of mind had anything to do with his decision to kill his parents and his complete callousness towards committing the crime. In the meantime, he’s being held on murder and body concealment charges and could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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