Why Do So Many Amazing Women Date Average Guys?

She’s hot and he’s not. You see them walking hand-in-hand down the road and think, “How did he get her?” Don’t be so shocked. There could be good reasons why they’re together.

  1. They’re not really in different dating leagues. These couples who are mismatched when it comes to the looks department just go to show that there’s no such thing as different dating leagues. Anyone can get with anyone else irrespective of whether they’re stunning or average. That’s a great thing to remember!
  2. Attractive guys tend to cheat more. Maybe the hot woman is hoping that her less-attractive partner won’t cheat—and she might be onto something. According to research published in the Wall Street Journal, guys who are more masculine have more testosterone, and this hormone makes them 43% more likely to get divorced and 38% more likely to cheat than men with lower levels.
  3. She has low self-esteem. It’s not always the case but it might be. Gorgeous women who are great catches sometimes end up with less attractive guys in personality and looks because they just don’t feel like they’re worthy of someone on their level. Maybe they don’t even see that they’re gorgeous.
  4. She wants attention. When the hot woman and her average Joe boyfriend walk into the room, who’s going to draw everyone’s stares? Yup, the hot woman. Maybe she’s with him because she thrives on being the hot one and she’s a tad competitive about who gets all the attention.
  5. She doesn’t find the hot guys attractive. Hear me out. Just because a guy looks like Brad Pitt’s younger brother, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s going to want to get with him. Sometimes the hottest guy in the room can be the most boring because he’s relying on his good looks to get him dates. What a snooze fest.
  6. There are more important things than good looks. This is so true, especially when it comes to LTRs. The gorgeous woman might want a guy who’s warm, kind, honest, loyal, and so on, especially when he ages and his looks start to fade. He’d better have lots of amazing qualities to keep him interesting when that happens!
  7. She’s turned on by him. There’s always the chance that the woman’s settling, as you might think, or that she’s a gold digger. But let’s be real (and not so cynical). There’s always the chance that she finds the unattractive guy quite sexy in the bedroom. Remember: chemistry and sparks aren’t always created by physical looks alone, but how a person makes you feel.
  8. She doesn’t want the pressure of being with a hot man. Dating in general can be stressful at times, but dating a ridiculously hot man? Even more so! Research proves it. A study published on Science Direct found that women with attractive husbands were more likely to be on a diet to look their best. Sometimes the pressure’s just too much. Relationships aren’t supposed to be a competition.
  9. Less attractive men are nicer to their women. The same study as above found that men who weren’t considered attractive were more likely to treat their partners better, such as by doing things to please them. This included dressing well, buying them gifts, and doing chores around the house. Nice one.
  10. She’s not interested in society’s beauty rules. Her BF might not seem attractive to other women or according to society’s rules but she doesn’t GAF. She’d rather focus on what makes him attractive. As a beautiful woman, she knows how demanding and cruel society can be, so maybe she doesn’t put so much weight on someone’s looks as other people do.
  11. He makes her feel special. As a very attractive woman, she’s probably had her fair share of hot guys who just assumed that she’d throw herself at them. Or, they assumed that she’d be interested in them simply because they were both AF. Such guys were only in it for their own egos, and they saw her as a trophy girlfriend. Enter the unattractive guy. He’s not used to dating hot women, so he’s going to put in more effort to appeal to her. He’s going to woo her with his love for her and feel so amazed that she’s interested in him, he’ll treat her like gold. Honestly, it’s probably refreshing AF to date such a guy.
  12. He’s unusual, and that’s alluring. The bombshell saw this unattractive guy and thought, “There’s just something hot about him.” Maybe it was his crooked smile or some other unusual trait that sets him apart from other men and is powerful enough for her to want to date him. It makes sense. Quirky, interesting traits in a partner can make them much more lovable and interesting.
  13. Remember: no one’s unattractive to everyone. You might think a guy has average looks, meanwhile, to your bestie, he’s the hottest guy in the room. It’s probably happened to you and it’s really awesome. It means that every hot pot has its lid.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.