12 Nasty Side Effects Of Dating A Toxic Guy

If toxic guys had labels on them, they’d read: “WARNING! This person will screw up your life in every way. Stay away from him.” Sadly, you usually only discover how poisonous these guys can be after dating them for way too long. Here 12 nasty side effects you’re likely to experience.

  1. You’re exhausted to your core. Being emotionally overworked can feel much worse than tiredness that strikes after working a double shift or clubbing hard simply because stress underlies it. Toxic men are exhausting as hell because they always need you. They’re drama kings with problems that they expect you to sort out for them. Even just worrying about them can make you tired. It’s no surprise that your skin looks dull and you have under-eye circles from lack of sleep.
  2. Your bank account’s nearly empty. You wonder where the hell your money’s going, and it could be your toxic boyfriend who’s been bleeding you dry, always asking you for money because he can’t seem to hold down a job. Thanks a lot, deadbeat.
  3. Your self-esteem is pretty much shot. Toxic men love to make you feel bad about yourself because they have their own self-confidence issues. If you’re suddenly hating your body or feeling like you need breast implants or butt lifts, think about how your partner makes you feel. Do you feel loved and beautiful around him? If not, he’s the problem, not your body.
  4. You sometimes wonder if you’re going crazy. You’ve become a person you don’t recognize. You’re angry, bitter, and fight with your boyfriend all the time. Toxic people want to bring you down and they really bring out the worst in you. They also know how to manipulate you and make you feel like you’re the crazy person. This is convenient when you confront them about their shady behavior and they turn the tables on you.
  5. You’re suddenly on a completely different page than your friends. When you talk about your partner to your friends, they tell you that he’s unhealthy for you and you should leave the relationship. They remind you why you’re such a catch and that you can do so much better. Honestly, it feels like they’re speaking a different language. You’re so wrapped up in the relationship that you’re not seeing things clearly.
  6. The future looks dark. It’s hard to feel excited about life and the future when you’re stuck with a guy who’s bringing dark clouds your way every day. Toxic guys wouldn’t know how to be happy if their lives depended on it. Since they’re moody and down all the time, this is sure to rub off on you. If you’re usually positive about life but find yourself depressed since getting with this guy, he’s probably the reason.
  7. You’re basically living a lie. You tell your friends you’re fine and happy. You believe your partner will change even though he’s hurt you a lot. You’re stuck in the relationship, wanting to believe that things will get better. Unfortunately, they won’t. He’ll just keep disappointing you.
  8. You’re fighting with everyone. Ever noticed how being with a toxic partner causes the rest of your life to become a complete disaster? It might be that you’re getting into arguments with everyone. WTF is going on? When you’re unhappy and angry in one area of your life, it’s really easy for it to spread to the rest of your life. In addition, your toxic partner might be trying to cause problems in your other relationship as a way to keep you to himself.
  9. Your clothes don’t fit. Since getting with your boyfriend, your body’s experienced weight changes. Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight because you’re depressed and don’t want to eat or you’re eating a lot because you feel so worried all the time so you’ve packed on some pounds. Yikes.
  10. You second-guess yourself. You used to feel confident at work and in social settings but now you feel like you have nothing worthwhile to offer the world. If your toxic partner has made you feel insecure and stupid in the relationship, this feeling can spread to other areas of your life. Screw him and get your mojo back!
  11. Your heart’s going crazy. You feel like your heart’s hammering in your chest on a daily basis. You’re anxious and dread something bad’s going to happen. When your boyfriend calls you, the sound of your phone is enough to make you freak out. Geez. This guy has you on edge because he’s always bringing drama and problems to your door or you have to walk around on eggshells all the time because he’s moody as hell. It’s a terrible way to live.
  12. You feel sick. If you never used to be prone to colds and flu but now you’re getting sick all the time, your relationship could be to blame. Even more serious things could be happening, such as hair loss or stomach problems. Your body’s drop in health is a warning sign to GTFO of the relationship because the stress of it is affecting your immune system and literally making you sick. No one is worth your well-being.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.