Married Woman Pays Professional Cuddler $80 An Hour To Hold Her

Having someone to cuddle with whenever the urge strikes is definitely one of the best parts of being in a relationship. After all, what’s better than being close to someone you care about and feeling all comfy and cozy? Perhaps that’s why some people find it so hard to understand why a married woman would need to pay a professional cuddler $80 an hour to do something her husband should be doing for free. However, there is a bit of an explanation behind it…

  1. Saskia says her husband doesn’t mind that she uses the service. The woman uses a service in New York called Cuddlist to hire “professional” cuddlers – i.e. random dudes who are signed up to the service – to come and cuddle her while she’s living in the state and away from her husband to pursue acting. Given that she’s away from her husband Arthur and he actually couldn’t cuddle her even if he wanted to, I guess it makes a bit more sense.
  2. In fact, she’s totally open about it with him. “I’m 99% sure he does not get jealous of cuddling because I check in with him, and talk to him about it. He’s more protective of me than jealous so as long as I’m safe it’s good,” she explains. Arthur agrees, adding: “Saskia and I have a monogamous relationship but I don’t feel like cuddling violates the integrity of that. Saskia likes a lot of contact and she’s very comfortable around other people and she’s very affectionate. When we’re together we cuddle all the time so I can understand why she would need that human contact.”
  3. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. While the idea of paying money for someone to give you physical affection may sound strange to come, Saskia fully backs her decision and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. “Many people would think that it’s odd that I access cuddling services because I’m married. But screw it, I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I love affection and I love how it makes my body feel,” she told Love Don’t Judge.
  4. The cuddler himself says business is booming. Apparently Saskia isn’t in the minority – plenty of people want to pay to cuddle and they’re not all women. “I have all kinds of clients that are all kinds of ages,” he said. “Men, women, older clients, younger clients that are there for personal touch and human interaction and that’s what I value about it.” Sure, why not?
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