This 107-Year-Old Woman Reveals Secret To Long Life: Staying Single

We all want to live long, happy lives with good health and plenty of good times. While the ability to do this is somewhat luck of the draw—genetics play a big part in our lives among many other factors—there’s one thing 107-year-old Louise Jean Signore says might help: avoiding marriage.

Signore is a bit of a local celebrity. Signore just celebrated her 107th birthday with a big party in The Bronx in NYC. Loads of press turned up to celebrate with her, though it seemed Signore would have been just fine without all the fuss. Still, reaching 107 is worth recognition, so party she did.

Staying single is the key. When CBS 13 asked Signore what she thought helped her live so long in good health, her answer was simple: she never got married. “I think the secret of 107… I never got married.” Fair enough! Good food doesn’t hurt either—Signore insisted that “Italian food is very good for you” and frankly, I can’t agree.

She’s living proof that you don’t need a partner. While love is great and there are plenty of happy relationships out there that I’d never disparage, Signore is yet another woman who claims that being alone was a help rather than a hindrance in living a long, happy life. After all, relationships often bring drama and heartache with them, and who has time for that?

Being on your own is a blessing. There’s way more to life than romantic love, and not being in a relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be surrounded by wonderful people who love you and care for you. Between family and wonderful friends, you can live just as fulfilling of a life while being free to put yourself first 100% of the time.

107 years is a long time to be amazing. Imagine having 107 years in your life to do whatever you please. You can reach the top of the ladder in your chosen career, travel the world, build your own house, learn 20 languages, whatever you can dream of! We can only hope to live as long as Signore—fingers crossed!

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