McDonald’s Is Selling Baskets Full Of Fries For Everyone Who Needs More Than A Large

Is there anything more delicious than the crispy, salty goodness of a fresh box of McDonald’s fries? They’re just so good, it’s like magic. I love them so much, I’ve even been known to order two large fries and eat them all by myself, and I’m only vaguely ashamed to admit that. Well, now there’s another option for those of us who can’t get enough: baskets full of fries!

The baskets are the equivalent of two medium fries. McDonald’s baskets of fries hold about two medium fry boxes worth of french fry goodness and I imagine it’s meant for sharing. However, I won’t tell if you want to eat them all to yourself. The baskets contain 670 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 460 mg of sodium so it’s probably not an everyday thing, but if you ever want a treat, this is it.

They’re only $3. A normal medium fries costs $1.79, and since the basket holds two medium fries worth, you’re saving roughly 60 cents by getting the basket. If you like a bargain and you’re on a budget, this is just good financial sense.

Unfortunately, it’s only at select locations so far. At the moment, you can only get a basket of McDonald’s fries at locations in Chatanooga and Nashville, Tennessee as well as Bowling Green, Kentucky and Huntsville, Alabama, according to ChewBoom. The South always gets the best food and it’s not fair!

It could come to your local McDonald’s soon. Given that the McDonald’s website actually lists the basket of fries as an official menu item, that must mean that they plan on keeping it around for awhile. Many posters on Reddit have already pointed out that they’ve been popping up at franchises around the country for a few years now, so if we’re lucky, McDonald’s is gearing up for a wide release of the basket. Fingers crossed!

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