Megan Fox Deletes All Traces Of Machine Gun Kelly From Instagram Amid Breakup Rumors

Megan Fox has sparked rumors of a breakup from fiance Machine Gun Kelly after clearing her Instagram account and sharing a cryptic post quoting Beyonce alongside a bunch of letters burning in a trash can. Just a year after getting engaged, it seems the over-the-top romance between the pair might be over. Fox’s feed, once plastered with images of herself with MGK, real name Colson Baker, has been wiped of all traces of the rocker. That doesn’t bode well.

Further fuelling (pun intended) the rumors that the relationship is over is the content of Fox’s post. In addition to posting two bathroom selfies, she also shared a letter burning in a firepit with Beyonce lyrics as a caption. “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath,” she wrote.

Given that the song Megan Fox is quoting from is all about Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce, many people believe Fox may have uncovered Machine Gun Kelly’s infidelity. Of course, this is purely conjecture and anything could have happened.

Despite Fox not actually confirming the relationship was over, fans have flocked to her Instagram page to offer their support. “Rooting for you always but especially if this means what it sounds like it means,” one person wrote. Another added, “Please don’t let this be true.”

Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t said anything either in the wake of the rumors. Whatever happened between them, there’s sure to be more to come from this story.

Featured image credit: Megan Fox/Instagram

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