This Members Only Dating App Requires Guys To Make Extra Effort

This Members Only Dating App Requires Guys To Make Extra Effort

Dating apps suck. Most guys on apps aren’t serious and women end up wasting their time. Cove is a new app that gamifies the dating app experience and empowers women who want to meet reliable men online.

Guys pay a cover charge to use the app.

Because guys have something on the line, they’re more likely to put in effort and behave genuinely with you. Any guy can swipe right all day long — but Cove makes sure the guys who use the app are serious.

Guys are vetted and verified through LinkedIn.

On Cove, you see a guy’s verified professional info like his job title and industry. Bye, cat fishing!

No more offensive messages.

 Cove uses content moderation technology to minimize problematic messages. The occasional obscene comments get detected before they’re sent and before you have to deal with them. In addition, guys are charged $ (and blocked!) for sending bad messages.

No wasted time!

If you accept an invitation from a guy to have a conversation in the app, and it turns out that the two of you don’t click, that’s ok! As a consolation, you still accumulate points for using the app, and the points can be converted to cash or donated to a charity of your choice. In other words, you’re not wasting your time for exploring your options!

Want to learn more? Just click here. There’s a waiting list so sign up now to get in quickly!

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