Men Can’t Access Their AI Girlfriends After Service Went Down When CEO Jailed For Setting His Apartment On Fire

Men Can’t Access Their AI Girlfriends After Service Went Down When CEO Jailed For Setting His Apartment On Fire iStock

Users of a website that provides AI companionship for lonely people have been left wanting after the service went down due to the the company’s CEO being arrested for arson. Forever Voices, one of the “virtual girlfriend” chatbots launched in early 2023, went offline on October 2023 after CEO John Meyer was arrested for setting boxes on fire on the balcony of his apartment in Austin, Texas, per KXAN.

Court records indicate he was charged with arson and terroristic threats and his bond set at $120,000.

Forever Voices CEO John Meyer is a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Prior to his arrest, Meyer took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a string of conspiracy theories about former president Donald Trump, the FBI, and “rogue CIA terrorists.”

The nonsensical tweets included references to “evil AI servers” in “unmarked buildings in Austin” as well as alleged secret murder plots against Meyer himself.

Customers of Forever Voices are stuck without access to their AI girlfriends.

The company offered users the chance to chat with AI versions of some of their favorite influencers and other adult stars. For instance, Caryn Marjorie, 23, a popular Snapchat user, charged users $1 per minute to talk with CarynAI.

Sadly, CarynAI and all other chatbots run by Forever Voices have been unavailable since Meyer was arrested in October. Given that the company promised it would “satisfy” fans and “cure loneliness,” chances are those who frequent the site are at a loss.

It’s unclear whether or not Forever Voices will ever come back online.

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