Weatherman Beaten Up By Gang Of Teens For Defending Old Man

Weatherman Beaten Up By Gang Of Teens For Defending Old Man

A NYC weatherman was beaten up by a group of teens after he stepped in to defend an older man they were harassing. Adam Klotz, who works for Fox News, had just finished watching an NFL football game at a local bar when he saw the other victim being harassed by the group. Klotz shared what happened — as well as the black eyes he received from the teens — in a series of videos posted to his Instagram Stories. Needless to say, he’s being hailed as a hero by locals and online fans alike.

Klotz noticed the group “hassling” the older man on the subway. He pointed out the fact that the perpetrators were basically children and questioned where their parents were and if they knew what their kids were up to. Klotz also revealed that in addition to his black eyes, he also had bruised ribs after being pushed to the ground and beaten. “You should see the other guy,” he joked before saying it hurt to laugh.

Despite his great sense of humor, Adam Klotz was lucky to have survived with relatively few injuries. “Last night, coming home from watching the Giants game at a bar, on the subway, this older gentleman was being hassled by this group of seven or eight teens,” he explained. “And I was like, ‘Yo, guys, cut that out.’ And they decided, ‘Alright, he’s not gonna get it, then you’re going to get it,’ and boy did they give it to me. They had me on the ground, my ribs are all kinds of bruised up, too. They got their hits in.”

Adam Klotz is being hailed as a hero

Thankfully, the older man Klotz stepped in to help was “fine.” Because the group focused their aggression on the weatherman instead, the other victim managed to escape without any injuries. That’s one small right side.

The police managed to catch some of the culprits. A spokesperson for the NYPD told the New York Post: “Juvenile reports were prepared, and their parents were called to pick them up.”

Many fans were shocked that Klotz managed to remain so upbeat. However, he responded on Twitter insisting that he was always going to keep a positive attitude. “I’m not gonna go thru life angry. Imma gonna do the hard thing and find a way to smile and laugh while I’m doing it,” he wrote.

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