Mom Forced To Return Newborn Daughter After Biological Parents Change Their Mind About Adoption

Sarah Howell was overjoyed when she became a mom to a gorgeous baby girl. However, only five days after she picked the little girl up from the hospital, she and her husband Chris had to say goodbye as the baby’s birth parents changed their mind about putting her up for adoption. Now, the couple is devastated and doesn’t know how to proceed.

  1. Howell was feeding the baby when she received the call that would change everything. As per Metro, Sarah said she was in the middle of feeding her daughter when she was told that the parents wanted the baby back. “I fell to the floor in despair. I kept saying over and over to my husband, ‘you’re joking, this is a joke, right?'”
  2. The Howells were thought to be unable to conceive naturally. They had less than 1% chance of Sarah becoming pregnant, which is why they were so happy when they were matched with a newborn by their adoption agency. Not only that, but that same day, Sarah found out she was miraculously pregnant.
  3. The baby’s birth parents realized they’d made a mistake. The Howells had no choice but to give the baby back despite how much it broke their hearts. “Saying goodbye to her hurt more than words can adequately describe,” Sarah recalled. “It felt like an actual death to us because we knew we would likely never see her again. She made us parents. She helped heal a part of our hearts that infertility broke. She made me a mum even if it was only for a few days.”
  4. Sarah later gave birth to a son named Noah. While she never forgot the little girl she had to give back, she still got a chance to be a mom when she gave birth to her son Noah. They’ve also adopted a 1-year-old boy named Levi and fostered another 2-month-old boy.
  5. Sarah doesn’t hold a grudge against the parents who took their daughter back. In fact, she’s grateful that she got to be the little girl’s mom for even a few days.
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