Mom Has ‘Sex Starter Kit’ For Her Teen Sons

A mom of two has created a “First Time Sex Starter Kit” for her teenage sons to help them in preparation for losing their virginities. Chloe Macintosh, who’s based in the UK, recently launched sexual wellness app Kama with the aim to break the stigma around discussing sex and eroticism for people of all ages.

  1. Macintosh was inspired by her own teen sons. As a mom to 16-year-old Felix and 14-year-old Elliott, she knew all too well that young people have a lot of questions about intimacy. That was her inspiration for launching Kama, which even includes a section for losing your virginity.
  2. The content goes beyond the basics. While most teens attend sex education classes at school, that only gives them bare-bones information that isn’t really applicable in real life. That’s why Macintosh wants something better. “The content we wanted to put out there is more than some tips to put a condom on,” she told HuffPost. “It’s more relating to the experience and making it as relaxed and comfortable as possible.”
  3. There are 20 videos in the app so far. The videos feature Macintosh’s son Felix talking to a sex therapist about everything from “how to use your penis inside” to dry humping and everything in between.
  4. Macintosh never got such frank information from her own parents. She didn’t want her kids to experience the same lack of communication and would do anything to change that. She doesn’t want her kids to feel nervous talking about the subject at all, which is why she’s starting now. “After an initial period of resistance, Felix and Elliott started to become more used to the topic, and speaking about it became more and more normal,” she explained.
  5. Macintosh has always been open about her own sexuality. Given that she has “toys” and “gadgets” scattered “everywhere” around the family home, she knew it was only a matter of time for her sons to become curious. They soon began asking questions and they revealed that their friends did too. These questions became the basis for the “First Time Sex Starter Kit.”
  6. The guide covers pretty much everything. This isn’t just about losing your virginity. Macintosh made sure the guide discusses many types of penetration, oral, hand jobs, foreplay, consent, and plenty of other topics. Not only that, but it aims to break out of the “heteronormative, binary and generally backward and incomplete” info kids get in school.
  7. Macintosh believes there’s a gap in the market for her product. “The fact that so many teens and young people go through the processes of dating and intimacy without proper guidance is not good enough and can be easily repaired,” she said. “If we remove the taboo and shame from talking about sex, then authentic pleasure can come more naturally.”

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