Monopoly Has Released Its Longest Game Ever Just To Torture You

Sitting down to play a game of Monopoly is a lengthy affair. You know as soon as you set up the board that you’re basically committing to a full evening before the thing is done. Basically, it feels like it takes an eternity, but now Hasbro has gone one step further and released its longest game ever just to torture everyone.

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  1. The rules are different. While in the original game, going bankrupt meant you were out of the game, leading to a vaguely more timely end, the longest Monopoly game ever doesn’t disqualify anyone for being out of cash.
  2. There’s only one die. While the original game with a pair of dice, allowing you to throw and move up to 12 spaces at once, there’s a single die in this game, meaning it’s going to take even longer to move around this colossal board. WHY GOD WHY?!
  3. There are way more properties. While the original Monopoly has 28 properties around the board, the longest game ever has a whopping 66 properties, and you need to own every last one of them in order to win the game. Hasbro is full of sadists!!
  4. It’s seriously impossible. One player will need to own 16 streets, four railroads, two utilities, and ALL the properties in order to end the game. The chances of that happening in a single day or even a month seem pretty close to impossible, so prepared to be full of despair.
  5. It does make a fun gag gift, however. While I don’t know how likely it is that anyone will play the longest Monopoly game ever in a serious manner to completion, for anyone who loves the original, this would make an amazing addition to their game collection.
  6. It’s currently an Amazon exclusive. You can get the longest Monopoly game ever for only $19.99 via Amazon at the moment, and with Christmas just around the corner, you might want to get ordering soon.

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