Most Women Want These 7 Things, But Do We Really Need Them?

It’s 2015 and we find ourselves wanting a lot. The latest iPhone, a job with benefits, more time to relax and hang out with friends… you get the idea. But you could argue the advantages to having these things, and the necessity of them (okay, maybe not the iPhone, but definitely a smartphone that’s up to date and functional). On the other hand, there are some things we simply want without having a good reason. Sure, it would be nice, but do you really, honestly, need the following?

  1. A man.We don’t need a man. We don’t need to depend on one and we don’t need to identify ourselves by our relationship with one. We’re highly capable of living a great life on our own. Yes, it feels great to have a man by our side to love us, but the majority of our time and energy should NOT be spent looking for a guy or trying to impress one. It should be spent on working towards our own goals for our own futures.
  2. A new outfit for every occasion.We all like following the latest trends and of course shopping is fun, but do we really need to buy a new outfit every goddamn weekend? We already have five overflowing walk-in closets. I know it’s in our genes to gather, but let’s give it a rest and just go to the barbeque in that dress from last summer. No one will notice, or care, and you’d have saved some time and cash that can be better spent elsewhere.
  3. A diamond engagement ring.Screw marriage (yeah, I did just say that). Just like we don’t need a man, we also don’t need to get married, or at least not right away. I know it’s every girl’s dream to have a huge wedding one day in a fairytale castle with glitter and butterflies, but we don’t exactly need it. Getting married, statistically speaking, means maybe settling down, maybe having kids, maybe getting divorced, and maybe giving up your dreams. That sounds like a complete bummer to me. Live your life the way you want before you decide to tie the knot.
  4. Compliments. We’re always fishing for compliments. But why? We know we look stunning, we know we’re brilliant, we know how badly we just kicked that guy’s ass in billiards. Compliments make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but we can do without them, because we already know how awesome we are.
  5. Thousands of “friends.”People rate their own worth by how many Facebook friends or followers they have. It’s like being popular, but how many of these people are actually real friends? Probably less than 5%, right? Our self-worth shouldn’t be based on the number of so-called friends we have, nor should it be based on the amount of money we have, our credit score, our weight, or our body on a scale of 1-10. These are just numbers, and we don’t need them.
  6. A supermodel’s figure. How many times have you drooled over the body of another woman in a magazine, or even on the street? We all have this idea in our heads of the “perfect body,” but there’s no such thing, and it’s stupid to hold yourself to impossible standards. Our bodies are different, and if you go through life never being satisfied with what you have, you’re in for a world of hurt. If you’re worried about finding a guy, just know that if he doesn’t like you based on your looks, he’s probably not a great catch anyway.
  7. Reassurance of our abilities. We like being told that we can do things, that we’re capable, or that we won’t fail, but when it comes down to it, we don’t need other people to have confidence in us. Instead, we need to have confidence in ourselves and not look for others’ “permission” to go ahead. Women constantly think they’re not good enough or they don’t deserve something they earned. Stop beating yourself up and putting yourself down, and just take a risk and run with it.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.