Mother Turned Her Own Son In To Police As She Was Afraid He Would Attack School

Mother Turned Her Own Son In To Police As She Was Afraid He Would Attack School Good Morning America

A brave mother made the incredibly difficult decision to turn her teenage son in to police as she worried he might be planning to launch an attack on his school. Roughly two months after the horrific Ulvade school shooting in Texas in which 21 people died, Nicole Schubert opened up about discovering her 17-year-old son’s journal while cleaning up back in 2019.

  1. Schubert’s son’s notebook contained some terrible things. She told Good Morning America that there were “descriptive” plans of going on a killing spree. Her son also wrote that he would start at home by killing his own mother before going on to attack everyone at his high school in Washington State.
  2. Her son originally denied everything in the notebook. Schubert confronted her son, who claimed that the words were “just a story.” However, a mother always knows her child and she said that while her “first instinct” was to protect him, she knew he’d be “safer in jail.” She called police only a few hours after discovering the book. “If there’s a possibility to save even one person, one child, I think it’s worth it,” she said.
  3. Schubert understood that this was about so much more than just her son. The mom said she had a lot of friends with kids at the same school and that “hundreds of people” could lose their lives and be affected by what her son was planning to do. She had to take what he wrote seriously, especially as she’d previously found what she believed to be a homemade pipe bomb in the teenager’s bedroom.
  4. Her son was arrested and charged. The teenager pleaded guilty to the felony charge of threatening to bomb or injury property and several misdemeanor harassment charges. He was sentenced to a rehabilitation program and performed community service for his crimes. Upon completion, he underwent a medical evaluation.
  5. Schubert has some advice for other parents. No matter how well you believe you’ve raised your kids or can’t imagine them doing something so terrible, it’s important to pay attention. “Stay in their business,” she said, “even if they don’t like it. They’re not gonna like it, but as parents it’s our job to know what our kids are doing. Just be aware, and watch for signs. Kids will normally tell you by their actions when something is wrong.”
  6. For anyone wondering, she doesn’t regret turning her son in. “Obviously we can’t control our children’s actions all the time, who can? But there are signs that you know something’s not right… I was in his room [asking] ‘what are you doing, where are you going?’ all the time, and he hated it, but he’s alive, and everyone’s alive.”
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