This Motorized Pool Lounger Will Let You Cruise Around Like A Millionaire

If floating around aimlessly on an inflatable swan or even a rosé bottle isn’t really your cup of tea and you’re craving more adventure, don’t worry. There’s a product out there for you and it’s amazing. In fact, you can grab the Splash Runner motorized pool float from Amazon and be ready to rock in no time.

  1. It’s like a speedboat for one. Sure, there are inflatable speedboats that fit up to six people and don’t move, but this one is actually motorized and you can use the controllers on the armrests to navigate yourself around the pool or lake at record speed (OK, so it’s not that fast, but WHATEVER!).
  2. It’s heavy-duty so it’ll last you for a long time. The Splash Runner is made from hardcore PVC vinyl which means it won’t rip or tear easily. And, in case it does spring a leak, a patch kit is included to get you back out there ASAP. It also holds up to 300 pounds, meaning pretty much anyone can enjoy a zip around the water.
  3. There are two independent controls and 66-watt motors. That means you can use the controls on the armrests to go in circles, move forward, backward, sideways, etc. The Splash Runner gives you a 360-degree range of motion.
  4. It’s battery operated so no need to charge. The Splash Runner uses 12 D-cell batteries, which may seem like a lot but considering that you’re zooming around on a pool independently, I’d say that’s acceptable. The batteries aren’t included so you’ll want to stock up before ordering to be sure you can get on the water quickly.
  5. It moves that 3 miles per hour. Sure, that’s not very fast, but come on, it’s not a jet ski! That’s still a totally acceptable (and super fun) speed to be moving around the water. The speed varies slightly depending on how new your batteries are and how heavy you are, but 3 MPH is the respectable average.
  6. It makes pool time so much more fun. To be honest, just standing in the middle of a cool body of water when it’s boiling hot outside is fun enough for me, but the Splash Runner takes things to the next level and frankly, I think it’s an amazing invention.

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