Movie Theater Popcorn Now Comes With Lids Because Of Uber Eats Customers And People Are Loving It

As handy as it can be to be able to order whatever food you want without having to put on pants and leave the house, there are definitely some downsides to services like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Perhaps the most obvious is they’ve made services at the actual restaurants so much slower since they’re also dealing with an influx of delivery orders. However, on the plus side, it’s given us movie theater popcorn with lids, so we shouldn’t complain, eh?

  1. Why hasn’t popcorn always had lids? You basically pay half a month’s rent for a bucket of popcorn when you hit up the theater to see the “Barbie” movie for the sixth time, so a lid is the least they could give you. It’s too easy to spill if you’re carrying a drink and other snacks to your seat, so it’d be nice to have some added security.
  2. A TikTok user named Jennifer was in awe of this ingenious solution. Jennifer (@27pandamari) recently took her kid to the movies and grabbed some candy, a fountain soda, and a bucket of popcorn… with a lid! The employee working the concessions asked her if she wanted a lid and she was slightly taken aback but intrigued.
  3. Why is this a thing now? Thank Uber Eats. Jennifer recalled the conversation she had with the employee, saying, “I’m like, ‘A lid?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah since people are doing streaming at home, they’re doing Uber Eats [for] the popcorn and the drinks, so now popcorns have lids.”
  4. Jennifer was pretty thrilled with the idea of popcorn with lids, and we don’t blame her. “So, yeah, look at that. Ain’t that great?” she says as she zooms in on her treat. It’s such a little thing but one that makes a big difference.
  5. There are plenty of advantages to having a lid with your popcorn. As mentioned above, you won’t spill it. However, there’s also the fact that you may not eat all of it while watching the movie and might want to take it home for later. You can’t do that without a lid!
  6. Commenters had loads of other ideas of what to do with the lid. “The way I would put soo much butter and shake it up!” one person said. Another suggested, “Plus you can use the lid as a bowl to make it easier to share.” Genius! Another simply wanted to know what took theaters so long, writing, “Why. Why. Why. Haven’t we always had this. Why did it never even occur to me?!?”
  7. There’s one thing even more mind-blowing than the lid itself. More than the cool addition of a lid to the popcorn, many commenters seemed in absolute shock that you could even order movie theater concessions for home delivery. “You’re telling me I can Uber Eats movie theater popcorn?!!!!” one viewer asked. It was news to me too!!
  8. Sadly, this likely isn’t a thing everywhere. Jennifer said she was offered a lid at Regal Show Place in Crystal Lake, Illinois. While this will likely become more popular in other locations, if your movie theater isn’t on Uber Eats, chances are you won’t get a lid. Boo!!

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Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill