Woman Jailed For Clobbering Boyfriend Over The Head With Whole Chicken

We all know what it’s like to get so annoyed with our partners that we just want to scream. It’s clear that it’s never okay to lay hands on your partner, assaulting them with objects isn’t okay either. However, that didn’t stop a Minnesota woman from clobbering her boyfriend over the head with “a whole chicken,” leading him to call 911, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun. Natalie Bruemmer, 36, was arrested and charged with domestic violence as a result.

According to police, the man was driving home to the couple’s place in Eagle Lake when she attacked him. The pair had just been hanging out at a local bar, but Natalie Bruemmer became incensed and started “hitting him and spitting in his face” during the drive back.

According to the victim’s probable cause affidavit, things escalated as they got home. That’s when Bruemmer is said to have “hit him with a whole chicken in the back of his head.” When police arrived, they noted that the victim “still had some chicken residue in his hair.”

Natalie Bruemmer was all fired up and wouldn’t go down easily

It seemed a pretty cut-and-dry case. However, when officers tried to arrest Bruemmer, she didn’t go down easily. Instead, she “began pulling her hands away from the officers requiring multiple attempts” to get her under control. Once they finally cuffed her and loaded her into the back of the squad car, she “continued to yell, attempted to pull her arms away from officers, and she kicked her legs around.”

Natalie Bruemmer was booked into Blue Earth County Jail on misdemeanor charges of domestic assault and obstructing police. This wasn’t her first time in the slammer, however. She was previously arrested in December 2021 for assaulting the same man, with whom she’s been in a relationship for the past 10 years. That case is still pending.

It has not been shared whether the chicken used in the assault was whole or raw.

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