Netflix Adds Horror Movie That Viewers Are Calling The ‘Most Disturbing Ever’

You can always count on Netflix to have something good to watch, though I’m not sure I would describe Girl on the Third Floor, the latest horror movie added to the streaming service, as “good.” Instead, it’s been described by fans on social media as “disturbing,” “trippy,” and “f**ked up.” It’s also incredibly freaky, so if you appreciate a good scare, you’ll want to watch this one ASAP.

The premise is familiar enough. Girl on the Third Floor follows a guy named Don Knoch who wants to renovate an old Victorian house for his family to live in. Unfortunately, this home renovation project turns into a total nightmare as he’s met not only with your standard old house problems but a whole host of supernatural ones as well, and things turn terrifying pretty quickly.

There’s some weirdly semen-like secretion coming through the walls. While it’s obviously meant to be something a little less gross but equally scary, fans on Twitter were quick to observe how much the secretions seeping through the house’s walls looked a whole lot like spunk. Yuck! “We watched The Girl On The Third Floor last night & I just canny [sic] stop thinking about how much semen was involved in the film,” one person wrote after tuning into the Netflix horror movie.

The house it’s filmed in is rumored to be haunted in real life. The script for Girl on the Third Floor was written by Travis Stevens, who also directed it. Turns out, he wrote the screenplay based on the real-life house he ended up filming the movie in since it’s rumored to be haunted. Bloody Disgusting reports that the house, which is in Frankfort, Illinois, was built in the early 1900s and was once a brothel where no shortage of people died. It’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of two young girls who died on the third floor, hence the movie. It’s all just stories, of course, but it does add some extra creepiness.

Check it out on Netflix when you get a chance. If you’re a horror movie fan, Netflix has got your back. There’s no telling how long Girl on the Third Floor will stick around on the service, though, so pop some popcorn and get watching this weekend!

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