New LaCroix Limoncello Flavor Tastes Like Drinking Cake

New LaCroix Limoncello Flavor Tastes Like Drinking Cake LaCroix

I love LaCroix to an almost unhealthy level. While there are a lot of decent seltzer waters out there (Polar is a close second!), LaCroix just has flavors I really love. My personal favorites are Peach-Pear and Mure Pepino (cucumber blackberry), but now that the brand has released a Limoncello variety, I may have to revise that list.

  1. LaCroix announced the flavor in mid-December. They took to social media to tell everyone that Limoncello was coming for 2020 and everyone immediately freaked out. “You’ve outdone yourself, sweetheart,” one person replied. Others simply replied with enthusiastic gifs that basically said everything words never could.
  2. It feels like it should be a summer flavor, right? Limoncello makes me think of being on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, lounging in the summer sun while seagulls fly and I eat some delicious pasta. Maybe it’s just LaCroix and their Limoncello visual that put me in that place, but the flavor itself does seem like it’s perfect for the warmer days ahead.
  3. It seems like the flavor is already out in some locations. While it doesn’t seem like LaCroix has done a wide release on Limoncello just yet, many people online are claiming that they’ve found it at their local shops and tried it. That means either they’re lying or that we all need to keep our eyes seriously peeled for this at our local stores. Oh, and their reviews? Overwhelmingly positive.
  4. It tastes like drinking cake! That’s according to one Twitter reviewer, while another added that it ” tastes like somebody fast pitched the can through the Italian countryside.” Then there was the person who could only settle on dubbing LaCroix Limoncello “legitimately excellent.” What else is there to know?
  5. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for this flavor. I haven’t found it in my local stores just yet, but once I do, it’s totally on.
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