One In 10 Adults Think Their Partner Eating McDonald’s Without Them As Bad As Cheating

I try not to eat too much fast food, but I’m also not going to pretend that McDonald’s isn’t too damn delicious to resist sometimes. There’s nothing quite so tasty as a double cheeseburger (no pickle) and a large fries at the end of a long night of drinking or even on a lazy sober weekend. Some people, however, love McDonald’s so much that they’d lose their minds if their partners ate it without them. In fact, they would consider such an offense to be on par with cheating.

  1. According to a recent poll, McDonald’s is serious business. LADBible cited the survey of 1,000 McDonald’s fans based in the UK, where McDonald’s only recently reopened after being closed due to the coronavirus crisis for several months. Those fast food fans are so passionate about the Golden Arches that they hold it in pretty high esteem, putting it above some of life’s major milestones.
  2. A partner eating McDonald’s without you = a major no-no. One in 10 people surveyed said that they would consider a partner eating McDonald’s without them to be akin to cheating and just as bad. Furthermore, one in 20 respondents claim they would actually break up with their partner for going through the drive-thru without them.
  3. Big Macs aren’t better than raises at work, right? Wrong. A surprisingly large 17% of respondents said that the taste of their first Big Mac after McDonald’s reopened was even better than getting a raise at work. Who are these people?! An additional 16% thought it was better than getting a promotion. Yikes!
  4. Marriage and kids? No thanks, I’d rather have a McFlurry. To make things even worse, 16% of people said that their first trip back to McDonald’s was better than the birth of their first child, while 13% valued the experience more than their wedding day. These people have to be kidding, right? Dear God, I hope so!
  5. Nearly half of people would rather go teetotal. A pretty impressive 46% of respondents claimed they’d rather give up alcohol than give up McDonald’s, and this is one place I actually agree with them! I don’t actually drink very often, so this is an easy one for me. Meanwhile, 10% would give up their phones if it meant they could have McDonald’s whenever they wanted. Go figure!
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