Guys, You Should Only Date Independent, Intelligent Women — Here’s Why

There have been a number of studies released recently that try to explain why men don’t want to date smart women. Feel free to trawl through them, but here’s the short answer: it has something to do with the “fragile” male ego. According to these studies, men are intimidated by a smart, successful woman. They don’t feel “needed” because the woman is capable of fending for herself. But I call BS. I think men dig smart women, and I think it’s exactly those types of men that women really want. Here’s why:

  1. Smart women want a boyfriend but don’t particularly need one. A smart woman doesn’t need a guy in her life. She doesn’t need him to pay her rent or buy her pretty things. Instead, a smart woman genuinely wants a partner. She wants him for companionship, for love, for laughter. A smart woman will want a guy for so much more than material goods.
  2. Smart men dig smart women because they’re smart themselves. We usually date people that are “ranked” similarly to us, i.e. similar attractiveness, humor etc. This is also applies intelligence, so that means that if you’re a smart woman, then smart men are going dig you!
  3. Smart women will enhance their lives. Smart guys don’t feel insecure about not being “needed” and instead dig smart women because they know that there’s so much more to a relationship than power dynamics. Instead, a smart guy really digs a woman who can enhance his life in ways that only he can imagine.
  4. Smart women introduce their partners to new ideas. We all tend to stick to our own interests for the most part and rely heavily on others to introduce us to new topics, music, books etc. It’s great to broaden your horizons, and with a smart woman, a guy will have ample opportunities to do just that.
  5. Smart women keep the conversation going. It’s not the same old conversation every day with a smart woman. Smart women read, write, travel, work… and they’re always coming home with new stories and ideas to talk about. Smart woman will keep the conversation going and never let it get boring.
  6. Smart women are respected. Men respect her, her colleagues respect her, her family respect her – it’s hard not to burst with pride when you have a woman who’s so well respected in the community.
  7. Smart women easily get on with his friends and family. Smart women are interesting for reasons other than their looks, and are often able to engage with people on a level that creates interesting and valuable relationships. His friends will love Ms. Smarty Pants, and so will his parents!
  8. The partnership is equal. By being smart, you’re also more likely to be his equal. That means that the burden of decision making in a relationship doesn’t fall solely on his shoulders, but is equally shared between the two people.
  9. Smart women bring in the bucks too. Smart women are often successful women, which means – more income! That house that you always dreamed of having will be much more reasonably in reach when you pool both your incomes together.
  10. A smart woman tends to be more likable. Smart women tend not to care about petty things that tear others down. They’re empathetic, sympathetic and really care about the world around them. They’re not into competing with other women, either — they’d rather uplift and support other people than let BS get in the way.
  11. A smart woman is often independent, allowing her boyfriend to do his own thing. Smart women often happy to stay at home with a good book or go out with their friends without hanging on to her arm. She doesn’t need to be entertained because she’s got her own life and her own interests, and that makes her even hotter.
Sarah is a full-time content marketer, part-time freelancer. She’s a serial hobbyist (which just means that she does a lot of random things, but none of them particularly well). Her real talent lies in her ability to consume copious amounts of wine, whilst discussing feminism and reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the 8th time... All while saving puppies from burning houses, of course. You can see more of her work here, or pop over to Twitter and say “‘ello ‘ello” @daughterdipstik