Oreo Is Releasing A ‘Brookie’ Flavor With Layers Of Brownie And Cookie Dough Frosting

Oreo Is Releasing A ‘Brookie’ Flavor With Layers Of Brownie And Cookie Dough Frosting nabisco

I’ve literally never met an Oreo I didn’t love, but some flavors are undoubtedly tastier than others. Case in point? Oreo is releasing a ‘Brookie’ flavor that includes not one, not two, but THREE layers of cream including brownie and cookie dough flavors. Hello, delicious snack!

  1. Oreo will bring this dream cookie to stores in January 2021. Sadly, you aren’t able to buy these just yet, but they’ll be available in January 2021 in all their brookie goodness. What a great way to start a new year – that certainly bodes well, don’t you think?
  2. It’s as delicious as you would expect. According to Instagrammer @junkfoodleaks_, Oreo’s Brookie-flavored cookies don’t disappoint and are a solid 8.4 out of 10. “This powerful cookie packs a punch of a number of flavors in one, and it’s really something special. Quite honestly, it might be one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup like this—and that says a lot,” they wrote in their review.
  3. Sadly, the Brookie-O is a limited edition product. While I feel like this could easily be a permanent addition to the Oreo lineup, the company only plans to offer it for a limited time (at least for now). This means you’ll have to stock up once they hit shelves in case they disappear!
  4. More delicious new Oreo flavors ASAP, please! Seriously, these people never disappoint!


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