The Annual Pennsylvania Bacon Fest Is The Ultimate Destination For Fans Of The Salty Stuff

I know many of us (myself included) are trying to eat less meat for the sake of our health, the environment, and the animals themselves, but bacon is just SO GOOD. Whether it’s simply cooked nice and crispy and put on a BEC (what I call a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich) or chopped up and sprinkled into pasta, I can’t get enough of bacon, which is why I’ll probably get myself over to Pennsylvania this autumn for the annual PA Bacon Fest.

  1. The festival is held in Easton, PA. It’s been happening every year for the past eight years now and features an incredible 150 vendors selling every kind of bacon-related culinary dish you could ever want or dream up. Plus, there are roughly 15 musical acts throughout the weekend, so this always turns into a major party.
  2. You won’t believe all the bacony goodness you can get here. Some of the most popular dishes on offer at last year’s festival included bacon donuts, bacon-infused bourbon, bacon peanut butter burgers, bacon cheese fries, bacon cannolis, and even a bacon banana split which sounds gross but I promise you is super delicious.
  3. There’s more to the PA Bacon Fest than just bacon. Obviously bacon is the main event, but the festival also offers guests the chance to engage in some axe throwing, put their names into raffles, and plenty of amazing people-watching opportunities. Plus, Easton itself is a lovely small town with lots of charm, so you can always go for a walk to work off all those bacony calories (or just take a break between eating rounds).
  4. This year’s festival dates haven’t been announced yet, but it will probably be in November. Given that last year’s event was held at the beginning of November so it’s likely that the 2020 PA Bacon Fest will be held somewhere around the same time. Keep an eye on the website for further announcements so you can make travel plans because this is totally worth traveling for.
  5. Best of all, it’s free. There’s no charge for admission to the festival, though they do suggest you make a $2 donation, so don’t be a total cheapskate, okay?
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