Woman Ends Up In Emergency Room After Her Thong Nearly Kills Her

A woman was forced to seek medical treatment at her local hospital’s emergency room after her thong nearly killed her. Hillary Zinks, who regularly posts to TikTok, shared her story via the social media site, revealing how the underwear had caused a microcut on her butt that had formed an abscess that was severely infected. Thankfully, she was able to catch it in time and get it drained as well as receiving antibiotic treatment.


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  1. Hillary’s butt had been hurting for weeks. She didn’t really know why, especially since, when she asked her mom to have a look to see if there was anything there, her mom gave her the all-clear. However, the pain was so bad and had gone on for so long that she decided she needed to go to the emergency room.
  2. A doctor found the abscess immediately. Not only did Hillary have an abscess, but it was infected and filled with pus. He cut and drained it for her and sent her on her way. Thankfully, she hasn’t suffered any long-lasting effects.
  3. Hillary is lucky she went to the doctor when she did. “Luckily, my mom made me go to the ER, which led to the surgery and no long-lasting problems. I told the story to let people know that when you have strange symptoms and you have NO IDEA how they started, it’s a good idea to get it checked out,” she told Buzzfeed News. She added: “If I ignored my abscess, it could have poisoned my blood and eventually killed me!”
  4. Thinking back, she knows exactly when it happened.The thong was too tight on me. I remember the exact moment it happened: I pulled up my pants and also pulled my thong, and I pulled it a little too hard/high,” she recalled. “I felt a small pinch, but the pain went away almost instantly. I didn’t connect the incident to the thong until I went to the doctor and he asked me if I wore them. Then I remembered that moment.”
  5. These kinds of abscesses are more common than you’d think. Hillary revealed that the response to her video about her experience were overwhelming, with many women admitting they’d been through the exact same things themselves. Moving forward, she’ll likely be wearing looser-fitting underwear.
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