People Dressed As Ghostface Are Freaking People Out Across America

People Dressed As Ghostface Are Freaking People Out Across America Mirimax

With the release of “Scream VI” just days away, promotion for the movie has ramped up across America and it’s terrifying. In fact, there have been several sightings of creepy people dressed as Ghostface just meandering around the street and it’s really freaking people out.

Variety reports that there have been sightings of Ghostface in New Orleans, St. Louis, and Sonoma, just to name a few. Lest we forget, Sonoma is the stand-in for the fictional town of Woodsboro. Seems a little more than coincidental, eh?

And while Paramount Pictures isn’t confirming that this is all some elaborate marketing plan, you can pretty much guess that’s the case. However, that hasn’t stopped some people from being so freaked out that they’ve even called 911 after seeing people dressed as Ghostface.

People dressed as Ghostface are really freaking people out

It wasn’t that long ago that Paramount did a similar thing with its recent horror movie “Smile.” They paid actors to sit behind home plate at a MLB game so that they could be seen on camera. Needless to say, that was equally as frightening.

“Scream VI” will be released on March 10. However, not everyone is that thrilled with the fact that Neve Campbell won’t be in this one thanks to a pay dispute. For many fans, it just won’t be the same without Sidney Prescott. She was a major part of the franchise and her character will be missed. However, Courteney Cox, Hayden Panettiere, Jenna Ortega, and Melissa Barrera are on board.

It’s hard to believe that the original “Scream” came out nearly 30 years ago, all the way back in 1996. A sequel came out the following year, followed by a third installment in 2000. It then took an 11-year hiatus before “Scream 4” came out in 2011. A fifth installment, considered a reboot, was simply called “Scream” again and was released in 2022.

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