People Getting Tons Of Job Offers After Woman Shares ChatGPT Interview Hack

Like it or not, artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday lives. And while this technology has plenty of downsides, it can also be helpful in making our lives easier. Take, for example, TikToker Hanna Geofft (@hannahgetshired), who is bucking the idea that AI is going to take all of our jobs and is instead using its abilities to help her (and others!) land work. After trying her hack to prepare for job interviews, people are apparently being flooded with offers!

In a recently posted clip, Hanna admits that she doesn’t “think I’ll ever get over hacking life with AI.” This time around, she uses ChatGPT to come up with questions she might be asked in a job interview so that she can prepare herself on how to answer them. “This is the easiest way to prepare for interviews, and it will work for every single job,” she says.

How it works is pretty simple. Hannah recommends pasting the entire job description for the role you want into ChatGPT to start. “Then we’re gonna tell it to generate interview questions for each bullet point in the job description and analyze the job description for the top 10 keywords.”


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Illustrating the technique in her clip, it was clear that this trick works a treat. “Look at all those interview questions! Then you want to brainstorm responses to each question and make sure that the examples you’re giving in your responses are corresponding to these 10 keywords,” she says while showing her ChatGPT screen.

Hannah points out that you don’t have to say the relevant keywords verbatim, but you want to make sure whatever you say when answering questions during interviews that you have competency in each of the desired areas. “This way you’ll know that you’re highlighting the most relevant pieces of your experience rather than just projects that you may be proud of, which might not always be the same thing,” she adds.

Many of her viewers swear by the tactic, claiming that they’ve been trying this for a while now and it actually works. “I’ve been doing this for weeks and my interviews have gone so well! Have received 2 offers in 3 weeks!” one commenter shared. Another added: “I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and now I’m being flown to another state for a second interview at my dream job NO JOKE.”

Hey, who says ChatGPT (and AI) in general can’t just help us with interview prep so we can find jobs and also improve our lives?

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