This 2-Story Cat Condo Will Make Your Kitty Feel Like A Millionaire

If you have cats, you know that they demand to be treated like the kings and queens they truly are. They want the best food, the most comfortable and luxurious beds, and… these two-story cat condos that will make them feel like millionaires.

  1. It can fit up to three adult cats. If you have multiple cats, they can all enjoy this condo. It can also fit an adult cat with kittens, so if your cat is a mama with lots of babies, they can create a cozy little home in this bad boy.
  2. It’s rainproof and suitable for all weather. The roof of the Petsfit cat condo is made of asphalt and the bottom story is raised from the ground so if it rains, the inside won’t get soaking wet. If your cat is an outside cat or one that ventures outdoors now and then, they can always duck into their own private house to get dry. How great is that?
  3. There are multiple entries and exit points. Your kitty can come in the front door like a civilized feline or they can make a quick exit in the escape hatch located just under the ladder. It makes playtime a whole lot more fun for your pet for sure.
  4. It’s easy to assemble. You won’t need a Masters degree in construction to put this together. If you have a screwdriver and can read a set of directions, you’re golden. You can set up the Petsfit cat condo within an hour or so, potentially less, and your kitties can immediately make themselves at home.
  5. There’s even a balcony for sunbathing. When the sun’s out, your cat can head up the ladder and sit on the balcony to catch some rays, which is perfect for the warmer months. Is there anything better than treating your kitty like the royalty they are? I don’t think so.

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