15 Phrases Confident Women Have Removed From Their Vocab

15 Phrases Confident Women Have Removed From Their Vocab

We all have days when we feel a bit less sure of ourselves than normal, but that’s when the skill of faking it ’til you make it comes in handy. If you want to. come across as a confident, capable woman (which you are, obviously), you’ll need to delete these phrases from your repertoire STAT.

1. “I’m Not Sure, But…”

This is basically the universal prelude to saying something you’re actually totally sure about. Why do you pretend you’re not? Confident women know they know their stuff, and they’re not going to give the impression that they don’t (or even leave room for questioning).  It’s like, hello? They’ve got opinions and they’re not afraid to share them, no “ums” or “buts” about it. Imagine strutting into a meeting like you own the place (because why shouldn’t you?) and dropping your thoughts like confetti at a New Year’s Eve party – no disclaimers needed. That’s the vibe we’re going for.

2. “Sorry, But…”

Ah yes, the unnecessary apology. You know the drill: “Sorry, but can I say something?” Of course, you can, girl! Come on!  Confident women aren’t throwing around sorries like free samples at a grocery store. They’re keeping them in their arsenal for when they genuinely step on someone’s toes, not just because they dare to speak up. It’s about saying what you mean and meaning what you say, minus the apology parade.

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4. “Just…”

On the surface, this seems like NBD, but it indicates an attitude of meekness. As in, “I’m just wondering” or “I just think.” It’s like we’re apologizing for having a thought. Well, no more! Confident women are scrubbing “just” from their sentences like a stubborn wine stain. Why? Because their ideas are big, bold, and deserve the spotlight – no minimizers needed. It’s about owning your brilliance, no “justs” about it!

5. “Does This Make Sense?”

There’s so much self-doubt in these four little words. Here’s the thing: if you’re saying it, you better believe it makes sense. Confident women know this is one of those no-no phrases and they’ve dropped uncertainty for straight-up conviction. They share their awesome ideas and then pass the mic for others to chime in. It’s not about seeking validation; it’s about sparking a conversation. So, say goodbye to second-guessing and hello to self-assured sharing!

6. “I Can’t…”

Is it that you can’t or you won’t? Either way, how about “I can” or at least “I’ll give it a good shot” instead? It’s about flipping the script from a negative one to a positive eone. Think of it like this: every “I can’t” is a missed opportunity for an epic “watch me nail this.” Sure, maybe you won’t be incredibly successful in the end, but you’ll have learned a thing or two and shown you’re not afraid of a challenge.

7. “I’m No Expert, But…”

If you’ve got something to say, say it loud and proud. You don’t need to be a world-renowned guru on a topic to have a valuable point of view. Confident women have basically outlawed phrases like this from their vocab, knowing it’s okay to share their insights, experience, and unique perspectives, expert or not. You don’t need to qualify that with your resume!

8. “This Might Be Stupid, But…”

Spoiler alert: it’s probably not stupid. You know what’s actually stupid? Thinking your thoughts aren’t up to par. Confident women have tossed this one out like last year’s overplayed pop song. They know their ideas are always worth bringing to the table, even if it’s only to spark a bigger and better one. Recognize the value of collaboration and self-expression. You’ll feel a lot more fulfilled and appreciated when you do.

9. “I Should…”

This is the phrase of eternal obligation. You’re basically saying that you’re only doing something out of obligation rather than because you want to. Obviously, there are points in life when this is going to happen — you should go to the doctor if you’re not feeling well even if you don’t want to. You should go to work even if you’d rather hit the snooze button all day. You get the point. However, leading with phrases like “I want to” or “I get to” gives confident women agency in their own lives rather than feeling like they’re just being swept along in their own lives.

10. “I’ll Try…”

This one’s a sneaky way of giving yourself an out before you even start, but confident women don’t “try”; they “do.” It’s like Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” (I’ve never even watched a full “Star Wars” movie, so please appreciate that I was still able to make that reference.) You might be secretly unsure of whether or not you’ll be any good at the task at hand, but pump yourself up with a more self-assured phrase like “I’ll do it.” You might be shocked at just how capable you are.

11. “I Guess…”

Confident women aren’t guessing; they’re stating. “I guess” gets transformed into something like “I know” or “I believe” — phrases that show a little more willingness to back themselves. This doesn’t mean you should start talking out of your butt about things you know nothing of, but when you are chatting about a topic you “get,” speak about it accordingly.

12. “It’s Just My Opinion, But…”

What is this even? As if opinions need to be downplayed? You’re probably saying this because you don’t want to seem pushy or override anyone else’s feelings, but it’s never “just” your opinion. Your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives are just as important and valid as anyone else’s in the room. If you play them down yourself, what do you think others will do? Don’t get steamrolled.

13. “Maybe I’m Wrong, But…”

Here’s a newsflash: you’re probably not wrong, and even if you are, so what? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. Confident women know that even if they’re not 100% right, their perspective is still valuable. They’re not prefacing their insights with doubt. Instead, they’re sharing their thoughts with the confidence of a cat walking across a keyboard – unbothered and on a mission.

14. “I’m Not Sure I’m the Best Person to Answer This, But…”

I’m all for being humble, but this is taking things to a new (and unnecessary) level. Confident women know they might not have all the answers, but they still have valuable things to say that should be heard and considered. They don’t downplay their ability to contribute. Sure, there might be someone who can answer a question with more expertise, but that doesn’t mean you should be disregarded.

15. “I Don’t Want to Bother You, But…”

This is something that’s so deeply engrained in us as women and it’s really sad. We’re taught to take up as little space as possible, to be quiet and small and not to make a scene. Forget that! Requesting something of someone, asking a question, or even expressing your needs and feelings aren’t “bothering” anyone — and if they are, that’s not a person you need in your life.

16. “It’s Probably Nothing, But…”

Let’s be real: if you’re saying it, it’s definitely something. This gets said a lot when we have a sneaking suspicion something isn’t quite right but we feel oddly guilty for requesting that someone, you know, do something about it. Confident women swear off phrases like this because they know if their gut is telling them something, it’s worth speaking up about.

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