Pig Gets Revenge On Butcher With Cleaver At Slaughterhouse

A struggling pig got the ultimate revenge on a butcher in Hong Kong by killing him with a cleaver. The unnamed 61-year-old man, who worked at the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse, was said to have been overwhelmed by the animal and wounded by a 15-inch meat cleaver, CNN reports.

The butcher was said to have been attempting to kill the pig at the time of the fatal accident. He’d already shot the animal with an electric stun gun, but it woke up and began struggling to get free. Because of its size, it knocked the butcher over, causing him to wound himself with the cleaver.

The man was found by a coworker shortly after the incident. He was unconscious on the floor with a wound on his left foot. The cleaver was still clutched in the man’s hand when he was found. After being rushed to a local hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Police have still not identified the exact cause of death. The Labor Department is launching an investigation to discover what happened and has issued a statement expressing its condolences.

“The Labour Department is saddened by the death of the person and expresses its deepest sympathy to his family,” the statement read.

“We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, ascertain the liability of the duty holders and recommend improvement measures. We will take actions pursuant to the law if there is any violation of the work safety legislation.”

It’s currently unclear what became of the pig.

This isn’t the first time a pig has escaped slaughter (at least temporarily). In 2021, a genius pig jumped from the back of a van on its way to be killed, saving its own life at the last minute.

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