Pillsbury Is Releasing Strawberries & Cream Cinnamon Rolls Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

If you’re a fan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls β€” and frankly, don’t talk to me if you’re not because they are SO GOOD β€” then you’ll want to get to your local supermarket ASAP as the new Strawberries & Cream variety is rolled out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  1. It’s the classic cinnamon roll you love with a twist. Pillsbury has been working with Cinnabon for their bake-at-home cinnamon rolls for a while now, and while the originals are ridiculously delicious, there’s something special about adding a strawberries and cream flavored icing to the top. It’s even pink for the infamous holiday of love!
  2. These have been around before. The product isn’t exactly new, per se; Pillsbury offered their strawberries & cream cinnamon rolls last Valentine’s Day too. However, last year, they disappeared soon after February 14, so if you loved them last year or missed out on trying them at all, now’s your chance to get in on the action.
  3. There are five big rolls per package. Since these are Pillsbury “Grands!” that means that you don’t get some dinky little rolls inside the package. In fact, you get five pretty decent sized cinnamon rolls that feel like you’re having a proper dessert (which may or may not help you avoid eating the entire tray at once).
  4. They’re pretty inexpensive too. So far, Pillsbury’s limited edition flavor has been seen in Walmart, where it was spotted by Instagram junk food lover SnackGator. The price at their local Walmart was $3.78, so I would imagine other stores would sell these for anywhere from $3.50 to $4.50 depending on your location. Not a bad price for a tasty treat.
  5. They’re never going away again! According to Walmart’s website, while they were previously a limited-edition flavor, the Pillsbury strawberries & cream cinnamon rolls are going to be available year-round moving forward, which is pretty much the best news I’ve heard all week.
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