If I Have To Play Games To Keep You Interested, Then I’m Out Of Your League

You might be used to women who are willing to play cat and mouse with you just to hook you onto their line and reel you in, but you won’t get that BS behavior from me. I already know I’m a catch and I shouldn’t have to bait you to get your attention — who I am is enough. If this turns you off, so be it. If I have to play games with you to keep you interested, I’m completely out of your league to begin with.

  1. My quick reply won’t turn off a real man. If the fact that I responded to your text within five minutes makes me too eager in your eyes, you need to settle your ego. If I respond to you right away, it’s because I’m available to do so and because I’m not an inconsiderate person who needs to purposely keep you waiting just to make you think I have better things going on.
  2. I’m not wasting my time on a moron. If my authenticity scares you off, I won’t think twice about walking away. I have better things to do with my time than to calculate a plan of action to lure you into being in my life. You can be all the way in, or all the way out. Either way, let me know — I’ve got stuff to do.
  3. Games aren’t who I am. I’m a real person with real human emotions and I have no problem with expressing my interest because I’m not afraid to be myself. I see no benefit into acting like someone I’m not just to make you want me more. If who I am isn’t good enough for you and you need someone to act fake and aloof to get your attention, then you’re definitely not the kind of guy I want in my life in the first place.
  4. I refuse to behave like I’m 12. I left the playground in elementary school where it belongs. Playing a game of girls chase boys was fun at recess when I was a child, but as a grown up, I choose to show I’ve learned a few things since then. I’ve learned that the thrill of the chase doesn’t prove the relationship is worth it. Winning someone’s heart authentically is what makes a real love story.
  5. You won’t need to chase the right woman. A woman who’s truly worth your time isn’t going to make you jump through hoops to figure her out. Sure, it might be fun in the beginning, but you’ll be singing a different tune when later down the road you’re pulling your hair out trying to figure out why she’s pissed off and how you can make things better. With me, I’m real all the way and I won’t hide anything from the get go. Think about that before you fall for the chase again.
  6. Lying about what I want isn’t productive. If I have to lie about how I feel about you just to avoid turning you off, you should just dismiss yourself from my class right away. I don’t have time to teach adulthood to an immature little boy.
  7. I deserve a guy who’s genuinely interested. The right guy for me is someone who isn’t afraid of the real deal and who doesn’t run from my genuine affections. He won’t call me “clingy” or “needy” because I show that I actually give a damn about him. Trying to play games with me or writing me off because I refuse to play them back isn’t respectful, and I know better than to put up with that crap.
  8. Games lead to unnecessary drama. Games usually don’t lead to anywhere good. I shouldn’t have to pretend I don’t like you to make you like me more. That type of backwards logic is what leads to broken hearts and endless confusion about where the relationship is headed or IF the relationship has any potential to begin with. There are way too many relationship grey areas these days and I don’t want to trap my heart into any of them. I want someone who’s real or nothing at all. I won’t play with your heart and you shouldn’t feel the need to play with mine either.
  9. I’m a grown woman. I’m too smart to buy into this garbage. I didn’t grow into the boss woman I am today to resort to tricking a man into liking me. I’m confident in myself and I know what I have to offer is completely worth your time. If you’re not willing to put the BS games aside and date me like the grown ass woman I am, you’re definitely out of my league and you need to go take your seat back on the bench.