Former Playboy Bunny Reveals Insane Rules For Living In Mansion Set By Hugh Hefner

A former Playboy Bunny has revealed the strict rules Hugh Hefner set for women living in the infamous mansion. Jenna Bentley, who’s originally from Montana, lived in the Bunny House next to the mansion for years. And while she loved her time there, she has admitted that it came with some pretty insane requirements that she found difficult to uphold at times.

  1. Background checks are the bare minimum. Before Bunnies are ever even considered as possible residents of the Playboy mansion, a rigorous background check is performed to make sure that they’re not harboring any serious criminals there. That one’s pretty understandable, right?
  2. There’s a curfew in place. This is where things get a bit tougher. Bunnies are told that they must be back in the mansion by 9 p.m. However, while this might be tough for some people to abide by, Bentley didn’t mind it so much.
  3. If you missed curfew, you had to face the consequences. Bentley did reveal that not being back at the house by 9 p.m. was dealt with in a pretty hardcore way: the women had to spend the night sleeping on the lawn and were not allowed back in until the following day, no exceptions. Better hope it’s not raining!
  4. Meeting men was out of the question. Another strictly upheld rule involved the women meeting other men. None of the Bunnies were allowed to have boyfriends and if it was discovered that one of the women had met a man, she was immediately kicked out of the mansion, no questions asked.
  5. However, the house did have some upsides. Bentley recalled that living there was like living in Barbie’s Dream House because everything they wanted was at their fingertips. They had a phone they used to call “Dial-A-Dream” because if you pressed 0, you could ask for absolutely anything and it would be brought to you, 24/7/365.
  6. Bentley never slept with Hefner. However, she did walk in on him with three different women at one point. According to Bentley, he had three separate rooms for his official girlfriends and wives, while the women not in these categories had to live in the Bunny house. Still, she seemed to have a pretty good experience there!

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